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Back To School Blues

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I am writing this after having to spend time doing something i haven't done in a while.

The wonderfully counterproductive schedule i adopted this summer is no more. I'm back to the old setting of the alarm, stumbling out of bed, groaning at the sight of my hair in the mirror, living through 5 periods of hell routine.
Well, i guess after only one day, I should give it a bit of a chance...
So here's the lo-down on my day.

Period  1: Business.  
I actually don't mind this class. It's easy, it's relaxing, i have friends, whatever. Makes the morning bearable. But like i said, after only one day i can't be the best judge. But so far all we've done is talk about ourselves and all that. Maybe once the whole reality of "business" sets in i'll change my mind. I'll get back to you.

Period 2: French. 
This class i'm a little iffy about. There are a LOT of people in this class, a lot of whom i don't know/am not completely comfortable around. I'm really nervous about having to do my french speech and all those other fun presentations that will come in this semester. Plus i don't have too many friends in this class. Let's hope this class gets better.

LUNCH. This is the best part of the day :-)  i can catch up with my friends (especially those who i don't have ANY classes with! How BARBARIC!) and hang around the halls doing nothing, which i'm good at. YAY LUNCH!

Period 4: Science.
I have never been good at science, and this year it appears it's going to be quite tough.
A lot of projects, a lot of labs, a lot of tests. We didn't have a lot of this last year. I basically coasted through science, and didn't finish with the best grade. I'll have to get my act together. Man, this SUCKS! D:
But the class doesn't seem completely awful. YET.

Period 5: English.
What can i say, english. It's the same every year. GrammarLiteratureWritingComprehensionBlahBlahBlah. Ends the day on a relaxing note, so overall serves its purpose.

There ya go. Life has structure again. Dang it.

See yous guys later!! (HEHE I SAID YOUS 8-) )



Anonymous said...

Nice blog, but why don't you like sushi?

[insert name here.] said...

because it's gross 8-)
that's just my opinion xD