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well i said i'd be away for TEN DAYS, so why am i posting so late, you might be wondering?

Well, a series of unfortunate events (VERY unfortunate) have caused such a hiatus:
1) When i got home, my internet was down. 
2) Once we got it working again, i had so much other stuff to deal with that i completely forgot about this blog.
3) Once i remembered my beloved blog, i had a hard time logging in to my account... i forgot my password and was having a really hard time resetting it. But i've got it now! SO here's the lo-down on what's hizz-happenin'.
My friend Nicole has a little cabin on this resort, up north, in Huntsville. It's fantastic. I'm not much of an outdoorsy/cottagey type, but this resort had so much to do and a bunch of cool people to socialize with that i didn't get that whole isolation thing.
We discovered that we're pro kayakers. And we swam in the rain whenever we could. And there were hot guys. I was in heaven :) I can't wait to go back next year....assuming i'm invited. *hint*
PLUS how can you resist a place with THAT name ^^
THEN we went to the cottage we (my family) rented in Sundridge.
It was a nice vacation, but rather boring in comparison to the family & friends resort. Swimming got tiring after a while, and the days seemed
 to go by slowly. I was glad to get home. But it was a nice escape and the view was beautiful.
Here are a few of the pictures i took:
(Clockwise from top left): A view of our waterfront, at sunset, with our sexy peddleboat; our cottage, from the beach; my favorite picture of claire, EVER; Sarah & I canoeing (i ended up tipping it :P); Our "bonfire" ; Me at the lookout.           

SOOO this photo uploading thing is SLOW so i'll leave it at that. 
LATER DAYS! :)  [hopefully!]