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Oh... my blog.... RIGHT!

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I have fallen victim to HOMEWORK and a SORT OF SOCIAL LIFE, so my posting has been lacking in the packing if y'know what i mean.

... *crickets chirp*

*cough* ANYWAYS, i haven't completely forgotten you.
Tomorrow i'm going paintballing so i'll most likely post to give you my in depth analysis, assuming i'm not too injured to type.


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Back To School Blues

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I am writing this after having to spend time doing something i haven't done in a while.

The wonderfully counterproductive schedule i adopted this summer is no more. I'm back to the old setting of the alarm, stumbling out of bed, groaning at the sight of my hair in the mirror, living through 5 periods of hell routine.
Well, i guess after only one day, I should give it a bit of a chance...
So here's the lo-down on my day.

Period  1: Business.  
I actually don't mind this class. It's easy, it's relaxing, i have friends, whatever. Makes the morning bearable. But like i said, after only one day i can't be the best judge. But so far all we've done is talk about ourselves and all that. Maybe once the whole reality of "business" sets in i'll change my mind. I'll get back to you.

Period 2: French. 
This class i'm a little iffy about. There are a LOT of people in this class, a lot of whom i don't know/am not completely comfortable around. I'm really nervous about having to do my french speech and all those other fun presentations that will come in this semester. Plus i don't have too many friends in this class. Let's hope this class gets better.

LUNCH. This is the best part of the day :-)  i can catch up with my friends (especially those who i don't have ANY classes with! How BARBARIC!) and hang around the halls doing nothing, which i'm good at. YAY LUNCH!

Period 4: Science.
I have never been good at science, and this year it appears it's going to be quite tough.
A lot of projects, a lot of labs, a lot of tests. We didn't have a lot of this last year. I basically coasted through science, and didn't finish with the best grade. I'll have to get my act together. Man, this SUCKS! D:
But the class doesn't seem completely awful. YET.

Period 5: English.
What can i say, english. It's the same every year. GrammarLiteratureWritingComprehensionBlahBlahBlah. Ends the day on a relaxing note, so overall serves its purpose.

There ya go. Life has structure again. Dang it.

See yous guys later!! (HEHE I SAID YOUS 8-) )


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well i said i'd be away for TEN DAYS, so why am i posting so late, you might be wondering?

Well, a series of unfortunate events (VERY unfortunate) have caused such a hiatus:
1) When i got home, my internet was down. 
2) Once we got it working again, i had so much other stuff to deal with that i completely forgot about this blog.
3) Once i remembered my beloved blog, i had a hard time logging in to my account... i forgot my password and was having a really hard time resetting it. But i've got it now! SO here's the lo-down on what's hizz-happenin'.
My friend Nicole has a little cabin on this resort, up north, in Huntsville. It's fantastic. I'm not much of an outdoorsy/cottagey type, but this resort had so much to do and a bunch of cool people to socialize with that i didn't get that whole isolation thing.
We discovered that we're pro kayakers. And we swam in the rain whenever we could. And there were hot guys. I was in heaven :) I can't wait to go back next year....assuming i'm invited. *hint*
PLUS how can you resist a place with THAT name ^^
THEN we went to the cottage we (my family) rented in Sundridge.
It was a nice vacation, but rather boring in comparison to the family & friends resort. Swimming got tiring after a while, and the days seemed
 to go by slowly. I was glad to get home. But it was a nice escape and the view was beautiful.
Here are a few of the pictures i took:
(Clockwise from top left): A view of our waterfront, at sunset, with our sexy peddleboat; our cottage, from the beach; my favorite picture of claire, EVER; Sarah & I canoeing (i ended up tipping it :P); Our "bonfire" ; Me at the lookout.           

SOOO this photo uploading thing is SLOW so i'll leave it at that. 
LATER DAYS! :)  [hopefully!]                                                                 

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Posting for the sake of posting.

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Yep, that's right. I'm only posting because I feel like it. I don't even have anything interesting to say today. Not like i do any day... but that's beside the point.

I SHOULD be packing right now. Y'know, i'm going to my friend's cottage for a few days, then my own immediately afterward? Yeah, i have quite a bit of packing to do..... so how do i choose to handle that? By PROCRASTINATING and being my usual counterproductive self.

So i guess i'll find something to mention.

My friend Emma got a blog.
It's much, MUCH better than mine. 
So wait, don't read it :D that's right... don't. Because as a faithful reader of my blog you would never stray away from my oh-so-interesting daily bloggage, correct?
Damn straight.

Well it has made me feel very insecure about my own "writing". I don't even write about anything! It's like i'm having a conversation with one of my "BFFs" (I hope you all know how much it KILLED ME inside to use that term.... *shudders*) on msn or something. No fluency, and no POINT.
But it feels like such a waste to delete it and start from scratch. Because although i don't feel satisfied with most of my posts, there are a few that i am proud of, as well as the overall layout of the blog right now. So i'll just keep posting new and improved posts so those bad ones can just....go away.

Keep it cool!

(i've also noticed that i sign with a different name like EVERY TIME... but whatever. You know who i am.)

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I'm back!

I know you all have missed me, my faithful blog readers. All four of you must have been dying without any recent posts. (Wow...could it be possible that i have FOUR readers!? awweessooommmeee!!!) 

So i bet you're all DYING to know where i've been, right? Well besides the fact that i have a very active social life and have been busy traveling and meeting new people over the last little while (cough...) my internet has also been acting up. It's been a lonely few days without it.... all my friends live inside my computer! =[
But today, by some miracle, i was actually able to access my facebook account. *Insert heavenly chorus here*. I'm trying to go on an internet binge and get everything done that needs to be done here NOW, because i'm going to be going through another withdrawal... in a big way. Ten days, in northern Ontario... no internet...no cell reception.... i'm sensing a "Friday the 13th" type thing going on here. 
The first part will be spent with my lovely friend Nicole, at her lovely cabin in Huntsville. I love her, but the bitch is gonna force me to waterski... *shudders*.
Then, the second half will be spent with my FAMILY. *gasp*. You know; my mother, my two sisters and my step-father....
I might have quite a few stories when i get back... if i'm stable enough to type on a computer again.

Later Days!


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My summer movie Binge.

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And i want to see it again! and again! and AGAIN!
....do i really need to give you a verdict? Let me just say that this was such an INCREDIBLE movie. It takes a lot for me to say that. Generally i see a movie. think it's okay, and completely forget about it. This one, however, i want to see repeatedly, BUY the dvd (;O) and memorize all the lines.
Heath Ledger gave the best performance i have seen. People say it was this role that drove him insane and ultimately lead to his death, and i can believe that now. He was so into character. And it was probably a very tough character to play. I really hope he gets an oscar for this one.

I ALSO SAW Hellboy 2- the golden army.
My verdict for this one is... Blah. It wasn't BAD, i was just still in dark knight mode so it failed to impress me. But if you're in to demon goblin elf fantasy stuff, you MIGHT like this. It's not necessarily my cup of tea.

just thought i'd like to share this AWESOME band that my friend just recommended to me. They're my new obsession.
My favorites are "goodbye" and "imperfection"

just thought i'd share that with you all today.

CIAO <3 

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HANCOCK review.

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My friend Emma got back yesterday from her white water rafting camp (rich ass =D) So we decided it was the perfect opportunity to hang out. After Emma downed her Banana Chocolate Healthy shit from Starbucks, we headed out to the theatres (with Emma's brother in tow) with the intention of catching the 3:45 "Batman- The Dark Knight" show.

When we got there, let's just say it was the busiest i've seen a theatre in a long time. It didn't help that it was a hot, rainy Sunday afternoon and there were like 8 great movies playing, so EVERYONE it seemed was at the theatres that day.
Batman sold out.
We couldn't get into Hellboy because it was 14A, and Emma's brother was only 13 (the people actually CARED, for the first time ever....)
SO we saw hancock :D

It was pretty excellent. I found it kinda hard to watch at the beginning; I hated how everyone were complete ASSHOLES (if you saw the movie you'd probably get the relevance of that word ;P) toward Hancock for no apparent reason, and it bothered me.
But overall, the movie is full of action, hilarious comedy, and a huge plot twist that blew my mind a little.
Overall, i'm still a tad upset that i didn't get to see the Dark Knight, but Hancock is definitely something everyone should see.