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HANCOCK review.

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My friend Emma got back yesterday from her white water rafting camp (rich ass =D) So we decided it was the perfect opportunity to hang out. After Emma downed her Banana Chocolate Healthy shit from Starbucks, we headed out to the theatres (with Emma's brother in tow) with the intention of catching the 3:45 "Batman- The Dark Knight" show.

When we got there, let's just say it was the busiest i've seen a theatre in a long time. It didn't help that it was a hot, rainy Sunday afternoon and there were like 8 great movies playing, so EVERYONE it seemed was at the theatres that day.
Batman sold out.
We couldn't get into Hellboy because it was 14A, and Emma's brother was only 13 (the people actually CARED, for the first time ever....)
SO we saw hancock :D

It was pretty excellent. I found it kinda hard to watch at the beginning; I hated how everyone were complete ASSHOLES (if you saw the movie you'd probably get the relevance of that word ;P) toward Hancock for no apparent reason, and it bothered me.
But overall, the movie is full of action, hilarious comedy, and a huge plot twist that blew my mind a little.
Overall, i'm still a tad upset that i didn't get to see the Dark Knight, but Hancock is definitely something everyone should see.