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Just for starters i'd like to point out that IT IS FREAKING HOT here in Toronto. According to the weather network it's 30 degrees, but feels like 38 with the humidex. I'm baking here in our apartment; no air conditioning, top floor at a busy intersection, only 4 fans and every window open, it's still not enough. When the weather is this muggy i tend to get very irritable. Simple things like dropping something or getting my ipod headphones tangled, and i'm cursing and crying like a 4 year old. I went to bed early last night; my room is actually the coolest room in the house, and it's still almost unbearable. I had 3 fans pointed at me and the window wide open (my mom insisted that was a gateway for rapists, but i didn't care, at least the room was a few degrees cooler), and the heat that my laptop gives off doesn't make things better, so no blogging yesterday, even though i had quite the adventure to blog about. It's old news now, and it'll be hard to rant about it with the same passion as i would have had yesterday;  and i'm pretty much over it. Let's just say i've lost all faith in Rogers "pay as you go", Go transit, and even a few friends of mine.

Now, as for the blog. I've been playing around with layouts over the past few days. I find the layouts that blogger gives you are very boring, so i got a few HTML layouts from the web, but they were, in my opinion, very tacky. I think i'm happy with this one so far. Simple, but elegant...let's see how long it lasts.

I still don't have a job. But it's not like i'm doing much to get one. I don't wanna get one now if we're going up to the cottage for a week next month; if i'm working part time, especially if i'm new there, they're not going to want me to take a week off. So i figure the job situation will have to stay as it is; non-existent. 
We're gonna rent a cottage, since we don't have one of our own. Some are so nice; nicer than the average house. I'd rather get a cottage that has air conditioning and satellite TV, and of course, an internet connection. But my mom insists that we're gonna get a cabin, with no modern technology, right on the waterfront. I love swimming, but do they honestly expect me to swim ALL WEEK? I need at least SOME contact to the outside world, or i'll suffer from an extreme case of "cabin fever".

IN BASKETBALL NEWS: Carlos Delfino is as good as gone... apparently he's signed with a russian team (WTF??) for big money. I was hoping it wouldn't come down to this, but it pains me to say it... it looks like he's leaving. So long, Carlos.... ti amo [please excuse my lack of spanish (:]

Well if you'll excuse me i think i'm gonna go make some lemonade...and chug it. Yum. Later!