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Another day, another blog.

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Well i have to say i'm glad i could get that first post out of the way. I recently found out that a few people i know actually read my blog. I don't know what i was expecting; generally when you write something and post it on the internet, it is accessible by millions of people. Could i possibly expect my blog to go by completely unnoticed? 

So, what to talk about on my second post.... we got the introductions out of the way, so i guess i'll really get random now.
Some things on my mind recently:
The Canadian Men's basketball team lost yesterday to Slo
venia. What a shocker. Not that i was watching or even care about the national team, it's just all the basketball i can get at the moment so i'll take it. I'll probably just start cheering for Bargnani and the italian team or Calderon and the spanish team. They might actually stand a chance....
I updated my Ipod again yesterday. Added some coldplay st
uff i didn't have before. Now i'm wondering how 
i ever got by without it. Also added some new linkin park stuff that, again, i seemed to have missed before. I put "Nobody's Listening" on repeat. I have to say that right now it's one of my favourite songs by them.
I missed the Home Run Derby. Dammit. Well, at least Justin Morneau, our good old Canadian guy, won. Since no Blue Jays managed to squeeze their way into the lineup, i'm glad it was him, at least.

Claire is one month old today. This calls for a celebration! Put an extra bottle in the fridge! As a party she got to stare at my mom's swirly IKEA™ headboard for hours. She never gets tired of that!

I'm going to wonderland tomorrow (again). At least i'm getting my money's worth out of that season's pass. I plan on riding behemoth a few more times at least. As for the rest of my summer, i had an epiphany last night. I need a job. It's not much fun being broke.

Catch Ya Later! 8D