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My summer movie Binge.

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And i want to see it again! and again! and AGAIN!
....do i really need to give you a verdict? Let me just say that this was such an INCREDIBLE movie. It takes a lot for me to say that. Generally i see a movie. think it's okay, and completely forget about it. This one, however, i want to see repeatedly, BUY the dvd (;O) and memorize all the lines.
Heath Ledger gave the best performance i have seen. People say it was this role that drove him insane and ultimately lead to his death, and i can believe that now. He was so into character. And it was probably a very tough character to play. I really hope he gets an oscar for this one.

I ALSO SAW Hellboy 2- the golden army.
My verdict for this one is... Blah. It wasn't BAD, i was just still in dark knight mode so it failed to impress me. But if you're in to demon goblin elf fantasy stuff, you MIGHT like this. It's not necessarily my cup of tea.

just thought i'd like to share this AWESOME band that my friend just recommended to me. They're my new obsession.
My favorites are "goodbye" and "imperfection"

just thought i'd share that with you all today.

CIAO <3 

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HANCOCK review.

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My friend Emma got back yesterday from her white water rafting camp (rich ass =D) So we decided it was the perfect opportunity to hang out. After Emma downed her Banana Chocolate Healthy shit from Starbucks, we headed out to the theatres (with Emma's brother in tow) with the intention of catching the 3:45 "Batman- The Dark Knight" show.

When we got there, let's just say it was the busiest i've seen a theatre in a long time. It didn't help that it was a hot, rainy Sunday afternoon and there were like 8 great movies playing, so EVERYONE it seemed was at the theatres that day.
Batman sold out.
We couldn't get into Hellboy because it was 14A, and Emma's brother was only 13 (the people actually CARED, for the first time ever....)
SO we saw hancock :D

It was pretty excellent. I found it kinda hard to watch at the beginning; I hated how everyone were complete ASSHOLES (if you saw the movie you'd probably get the relevance of that word ;P) toward Hancock for no apparent reason, and it bothered me.
But overall, the movie is full of action, hilarious comedy, and a huge plot twist that blew my mind a little.
Overall, i'm still a tad upset that i didn't get to see the Dark Knight, but Hancock is definitely something everyone should see.

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Expressing my adoration for Behemoth

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I rode behemoth for the sixth time yesterday!

But the biggest accomplishment was Nicole and Tara, misses "we're afraid of rollercoasters and never want to go on behemoth", tackled their fear and guess what? They LOVED it, just like i told them they would (i told you so =D). 
This is a ride at wonderland i can ride all day. Since i have my season's pass, i tend to get tired of a lot of the rides there. This one, however, will remain a classic.

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Just for starters i'd like to point out that IT IS FREAKING HOT here in Toronto. According to the weather network it's 30 degrees, but feels like 38 with the humidex. I'm baking here in our apartment; no air conditioning, top floor at a busy intersection, only 4 fans and every window open, it's still not enough. When the weather is this muggy i tend to get very irritable. Simple things like dropping something or getting my ipod headphones tangled, and i'm cursing and crying like a 4 year old. I went to bed early last night; my room is actually the coolest room in the house, and it's still almost unbearable. I had 3 fans pointed at me and the window wide open (my mom insisted that was a gateway for rapists, but i didn't care, at least the room was a few degrees cooler), and the heat that my laptop gives off doesn't make things better, so no blogging yesterday, even though i had quite the adventure to blog about. It's old news now, and it'll be hard to rant about it with the same passion as i would have had yesterday;  and i'm pretty much over it. Let's just say i've lost all faith in Rogers "pay as you go", Go transit, and even a few friends of mine.

Now, as for the blog. I've been playing around with layouts over the past few days. I find the layouts that blogger gives you are very boring, so i got a few HTML layouts from the web, but they were, in my opinion, very tacky. I think i'm happy with this one so far. Simple, but elegant...let's see how long it lasts.

I still don't have a job. But it's not like i'm doing much to get one. I don't wanna get one now if we're going up to the cottage for a week next month; if i'm working part time, especially if i'm new there, they're not going to want me to take a week off. So i figure the job situation will have to stay as it is; non-existent. 
We're gonna rent a cottage, since we don't have one of our own. Some are so nice; nicer than the average house. I'd rather get a cottage that has air conditioning and satellite TV, and of course, an internet connection. But my mom insists that we're gonna get a cabin, with no modern technology, right on the waterfront. I love swimming, but do they honestly expect me to swim ALL WEEK? I need at least SOME contact to the outside world, or i'll suffer from an extreme case of "cabin fever".

IN BASKETBALL NEWS: Carlos Delfino is as good as gone... apparently he's signed with a russian team (WTF??) for big money. I was hoping it wouldn't come down to this, but it pains me to say it... it looks like he's leaving. So long, Carlos.... ti amo [please excuse my lack of spanish (:]

Well if you'll excuse me i think i'm gonna go make some lemonade...and chug it. Yum. Later!

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Another day, another blog.

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Well i have to say i'm glad i could get that first post out of the way. I recently found out that a few people i know actually read my blog. I don't know what i was expecting; generally when you write something and post it on the internet, it is accessible by millions of people. Could i possibly expect my blog to go by completely unnoticed? 

So, what to talk about on my second post.... we got the introductions out of the way, so i guess i'll really get random now.
Some things on my mind recently:
The Canadian Men's basketball team lost yesterday to Slo
venia. What a shocker. Not that i was watching or even care about the national team, it's just all the basketball i can get at the moment so i'll take it. I'll probably just start cheering for Bargnani and the italian team or Calderon and the spanish team. They might actually stand a chance....
I updated my Ipod again yesterday. Added some coldplay st
uff i didn't have before. Now i'm wondering how 
i ever got by without it. Also added some new linkin park stuff that, again, i seemed to have missed before. I put "Nobody's Listening" on repeat. I have to say that right now it's one of my favourite songs by them.
I missed the Home Run Derby. Dammit. Well, at least Justin Morneau, our good old Canadian guy, won. Since no Blue Jays managed to squeeze their way into the lineup, i'm glad it was him, at least.

Claire is one month old today. This calls for a celebration! Put an extra bottle in the fridge! As a party she got to stare at my mom's swirly IKEA™ headboard for hours. She never gets tired of that!

I'm going to wonderland tomorrow (again). At least i'm getting my money's worth out of that season's pass. I plan on riding behemoth a few more times at least. As for the rest of my summer, i had an epiphany last night. I need a job. It's not much fun being broke.

Catch Ya Later! 8D

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My first post! woohoo! [it's gonna be a long one.]

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So what should a creative, quirky blogger say in a situation like this?

If i were a creative and quirky blogger, perhaps i could tell you. But i am neither. I generally don't do much writing, unless it's for school, and in that case, it's nothing creative or spectacular. So what the hell am i doing here in the strange, vast world of blogs? Maybe i'm just desperate for a new hobby. Surely, seeing as how my summer has been going, i could use something else to do in my spare time. While everyone else is telling me about their trips to europe or their adventures at camp, i'll be here boring everyone with my "stories".

So, since this is the first post, maybe this calls for some introductions. I'm always awkward with these; i just find it hard to sum myself up in a few mere sentences, you know? I like to think that I'm a very deep and complex person :-D. For the basics, My name's Haley. The middle name and last name don't matter. You don't need to know them unless you know me well, in which case, i should have already told you. I'm a teenager. Again, the age shouldn't be any of your concern. If it matters to you that much you're probably an internet predator. Not cool.
I live in Canada. I don't live in an igloo. And yes, believe it or not, i have internet access out here in the big white north!
I spend most of my time at home. Not usually because i choose to; mostly just because everyone else is much more productive than i am, and generally have more money to spend on a good time. No worries, i make the most of my solitude; I'm constantly expanding my Itunes library, right now it has 1178 songs! 
I spend way too much time on the internet. My mother is right. I could be doing other things like cleaning my room or learning an instrument or reading for god's sake. But no, the internet is my best friend it seems. Think about it; anything you want is only a click away!
I drink way too much caffeine. That's probably why i don't sleep at night. I generally don't read too many novels; i've read all the books in the twilight series so far, and i'm anxiously waiting for breaking dawn to come out. I really liked "City of Bones" by Cassandra Clare. I'm just waiting to read the sequel, "City of Ashes". I bought a bunch of Dean Koontz novels from my library's book sale, 50 cents each. They're old, from around the late 80's- 90's, and have that yellowish tint to the pages and that musty old book smell. But they're good nonetheless. 
I have waayyy too many interests to possibly be contained in one human brain. I love kids, and animals. I like movies.... and i use a lot of sentence fragments and other grammar violations.

So that's me in a nutshell.
I'll write something in this blog when i feel compelled ( at midnight after i'm jacked up on caffeine and can't sleep). Some stuff you'll most likely see me writing about ( my best interests) are:
-Books i'm reading.
-Movies i've seen.
- Daily Events. (ha.)
- The Toronto Raptors (yeahh boy.)
-My frustrations, and other randomness.

Alright, so this is like my fifth draft of this blog. It's gone through many phases and layouts. I'm still not 100% satisfied with it, or my writing abilities in general. But i'm far too lazy to bother to rewrite it AGAIN.

so i think i'll just hit the "publish post" button now.

TTYL peeps  :^D