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My first post! woohoo! [it's gonna be a long one.]

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So what should a creative, quirky blogger say in a situation like this?

If i were a creative and quirky blogger, perhaps i could tell you. But i am neither. I generally don't do much writing, unless it's for school, and in that case, it's nothing creative or spectacular. So what the hell am i doing here in the strange, vast world of blogs? Maybe i'm just desperate for a new hobby. Surely, seeing as how my summer has been going, i could use something else to do in my spare time. While everyone else is telling me about their trips to europe or their adventures at camp, i'll be here boring everyone with my "stories".

So, since this is the first post, maybe this calls for some introductions. I'm always awkward with these; i just find it hard to sum myself up in a few mere sentences, you know? I like to think that I'm a very deep and complex person :-D. For the basics, My name's Haley. The middle name and last name don't matter. You don't need to know them unless you know me well, in which case, i should have already told you. I'm a teenager. Again, the age shouldn't be any of your concern. If it matters to you that much you're probably an internet predator. Not cool.
I live in Canada. I don't live in an igloo. And yes, believe it or not, i have internet access out here in the big white north!
I spend most of my time at home. Not usually because i choose to; mostly just because everyone else is much more productive than i am, and generally have more money to spend on a good time. No worries, i make the most of my solitude; I'm constantly expanding my Itunes library, right now it has 1178 songs! 
I spend way too much time on the internet. My mother is right. I could be doing other things like cleaning my room or learning an instrument or reading for god's sake. But no, the internet is my best friend it seems. Think about it; anything you want is only a click away!
I drink way too much caffeine. That's probably why i don't sleep at night. I generally don't read too many novels; i've read all the books in the twilight series so far, and i'm anxiously waiting for breaking dawn to come out. I really liked "City of Bones" by Cassandra Clare. I'm just waiting to read the sequel, "City of Ashes". I bought a bunch of Dean Koontz novels from my library's book sale, 50 cents each. They're old, from around the late 80's- 90's, and have that yellowish tint to the pages and that musty old book smell. But they're good nonetheless. 
I have waayyy too many interests to possibly be contained in one human brain. I love kids, and animals. I like movies.... and i use a lot of sentence fragments and other grammar violations.

So that's me in a nutshell.
I'll write something in this blog when i feel compelled ( at midnight after i'm jacked up on caffeine and can't sleep). Some stuff you'll most likely see me writing about ( my best interests) are:
-Books i'm reading.
-Movies i've seen.
- Daily Events. (ha.)
- The Toronto Raptors (yeahh boy.)
-My frustrations, and other randomness.

Alright, so this is like my fifth draft of this blog. It's gone through many phases and layouts. I'm still not 100% satisfied with it, or my writing abilities in general. But i'm far too lazy to bother to rewrite it AGAIN.

so i think i'll just hit the "publish post" button now.

TTYL peeps  :^D



GermanPickle said...

Haley, First posts are awkward, and then before you know it you're racking your brain for the next good story to tell. Then, one day, you'll look back at all the posts, and all that good advice you have decided to dispense for the World to use. You'll relive many moments all over again. It's a fun hobby, and you'll probably love it. I'll link you from my blog.