10:19 PM
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I'm back!

I know you all have missed me, my faithful blog readers. All four of you must have been dying without any recent posts. (Wow...could it be possible that i have FOUR readers!? awweessooommmeee!!!) 

So i bet you're all DYING to know where i've been, right? Well besides the fact that i have a very active social life and have been busy traveling and meeting new people over the last little while (cough...) my internet has also been acting up. It's been a lonely few days without it.... all my friends live inside my computer! =[
But today, by some miracle, i was actually able to access my facebook account. *Insert heavenly chorus here*. I'm trying to go on an internet binge and get everything done that needs to be done here NOW, because i'm going to be going through another withdrawal... in a big way. Ten days, in northern Ontario... no internet...no cell reception.... i'm sensing a "Friday the 13th" type thing going on here. 
The first part will be spent with my lovely friend Nicole, at her lovely cabin in Huntsville. I love her, but the bitch is gonna force me to waterski... *shudders*.
Then, the second half will be spent with my FAMILY. *gasp*. You know; my mother, my two sisters and my step-father....
I might have quite a few stories when i get back... if i'm stable enough to type on a computer again.

Later Days!